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Sunday, 1 April 2012

MY SBE..(^_^)

                           BASED EXPERIENCE (SBE)

        On 18 March until 22 March 2012, my batch are been asked to complete School Based Experience (SBE) task at any school that we are already choose. This is our third SBE and this time I was choose the school at my hometown, SK Seri Chempaka, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I have been completed this task with my SBE partner since semester 1, Hidayah. Through SBE, many new things I can learn through it.

One of the experience that I get through it is I can know about the real life situation when becoming a teacher. Actually, to be a good teacher must be passion in this profession because we have to face many challenges in this career. When I am at that school, I learn how to collaborate and communicate with the school administration, teachers, students and with the staff at the school. I really enjoy at the school because they are really nice to me. After that, I also observed how the technique that has been used by the teacher to control the classroom effectively. It is really helpful me as a preparation when I become a teacher.

On the other hand, I am also had given a chance to enter the class. I am really enjoying when I am doing many activities with the students like singing, quiz and others. They also enjoyed it and want me to enter their class again. Other than that, I also helped the teacher to decorate the library. I was helped them by cut and paste the words that form a sentence at the wall to make the library become more cheerful and conducive.

The moment that I cannot forgettable is when I see a handicapped student was trying to tie the ribbon with his own capabilities. One of his friend, tried to lend a hand to tie the ribbon. But after the ribbon was completed tied, he opened back the bonds and try to tie the ribbon again. As a result, he has succeed to tie it and I am really touched by the enthusiasm of that student.  After that, another thing that I cannot forget is when we had been asked by the Headmaster about the ‘Falsafah Pendidikan Kebangsaan’ and learning theories. I did not expect that we will be asked about it because during my previous SBE, I had never been asked about it. But, I am really enjoyed when we discussed about it because I can refresh back all the information that already learn.

In the nutshell, I hope that all the new information and valuable experience that I gain through the SBE, I can use and apply in my life as student and a future teacher.

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